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Here are some testimonies from some of our residents sharing their thoughts after reaching their 1-year mark in their recovery process: 

Resident Comments


"I've been able to clean up traffic tickets and get my driver's license for the first time in many years."

"I'm welcome at family gatherings now since I'm clean and sober"

"I came from homeless to having a key to my own place, and even a mailbox of my own."
"I can start doing the hobbies I love again since I have a place to live."
"My personal dignity has been restored."
"I finally have a place to call home."
"Since I'm in a much safer place, I'm able to get more out of life."
"I'm engage to a beautiful lady and don't believe it would have happened without the support at Traugott Terrace."
"I have great new frinds here and am rebuilding broken bridges with my family."
"I've relearned compassion, tolerance, and appreciation."
"I am grateful for having a healthy lifestyle and reconnecting with my family."
"I have a place of my own and am being responsible."
"I am grateful for the changes in my physically, spiritually, and mentally.  My attitudes and thinking have changed a lot."
"A steady living environment has encouraged me to pursue long-term goals."
"I'm meeting nice people around here at Traugott Terrace, getting to know neighbors, and being kind."
"I have a great opportunity to pursue my nursing degree."

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